Rigid Flex Board (RF)

Rigid-Flex board is not only keep the design requires which is light、thin、short、small,
The signal transmission is also good, which can be divided into the following advantages:

  1. More quality reliability and integrity signals.
  2. With the assembly, can effectively save space and weight
  3. Enhance the flexibility of assemble, reduce the total cost of production

Mutualtek is devoted to gold plating process and insist to produce by ourself.
Whether the product is SMT or COB (Chip on Board) design, Mutualtek can meet each other need.
In the meantime, we study and develop Rigid-Flex board with our customer, until now, We had producing more than ten years. We classify those product into 4 types:


  1. Optical camera modules
  2. Wearable product
  3. Cele phone Main board
  4. High-frequency and high speed communications equipment modules

Competitive advantage:

  1. The whole process is self made. Had producing Rigid-Flex board more than ten years.
  2. All the Gold plating process is made by our own hands, we have the Chemical gold process、Soft Ni/Au Plating、Hard Ni/Au Plating process.
  3. The Actual result of MP specification:10Layers, laminate twice, HDI design, the MIN trace is 50μm, the thickness of end product could be 0.2mm(4 layers)
  4. 2015 CMOS Rigid-flex PCB shipment amount has exceeded 200kk
  • Wearable - baby socks detect breathing

  • High-end camera modules

  • Smart phone main board

  • Wrist Type Recorder

  • Gastroscope

  • Glasses camcorder lens

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